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Davenport is back from the dead,But can he live long enough to save his family? The Davenport Daughters is set in the Cold War Era in the 1980s. G-2 agent and spy Josh Davenport was recruited by the President to … Continue reading

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Kansas City … and All that Jazz

          This morning I was listening to Blues singer Etta James singing Trust in Me and my years in Kansas City come alive. Moving to Kansas City in the mid-1950s was a real eye-opener for a … Continue reading

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Every Christmas has a Story … This one is for my daughter

‘Twas the Night before Christmas When all through the house, Family was gathered, gifts under the tree, Dinner was ready, how delicious it smells, When what to our wandering minds should occur, But the birth of a child, She was … Continue reading

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Dad’s Story…The Great Depression, Bonnie and Clyde, and a Red Dress

      Remembering my dad today has brought to mind a question he loved to ask—tell me what The Great Depression, the big city, Bonnie and Clyde, and a red dress have in common. Now on the surface they … Continue reading

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Unexpected treasures … My dad showed up for me one more time

1939-1940 Dallas Power & Light crew and truck. (My dad: 2nd man from the right) Life often surprises us with unexpected treasures, my dad showed up for me a few days ago. I was searching through old files trying to … Continue reading

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Just sayin’ …Where in the world did it all go?

    Many of us who’ve watched the political scene in America for decades are wondering what happened to honesty and integrity. We can remember when a man’s word was his bond. We remember when truth was significant. We remember … Continue reading

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Who is Joshua Davenport?

    Getting to know the people of The Davenport Dilemma…   Joshua Davenport might be your next door neighbor or the man down the street… He just might be the man mowing the yard, or walking the dog, or … Continue reading

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“Twas the Night before Christmas at MacArthur Hills

My 2015 Christmas parody for all my friends at MacArthur Hills and for all helpers of Santa Claus everywhere! ‘Twas the night before Christmas, at MacHills, you know, On the north side of Irving, without any snow, The residents were … Continue reading

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A “Great Depression” Wedding …

The Great Depression, Marietta, Oklahoma, a big city, and a red dress — what do they have in common? Nothing at all, except it was when and where my mother and dad got married. On August 26, 1932, eighty-three years … Continue reading

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Father’s Day … someone to watch over me

I’m thinking about my dad …      and I’m reminded of an old song,           “Someone to Watch over Me.” Dad was the one who made me feel safe, protected, and loved. I thought nothing could ever go wrong as … Continue reading

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