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Rain, Rain go away … Come Again Another Day

  Rain, Rain, go away Come again another day All the family wants to play Rain, rain, go away I’m guessing you might remember standing at a window when you were young and wanting to go out and play! Well, … Continue reading

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Dad’s Story…The Great Depression, Bonnie and Clyde, and a Red Dress

      Remembering my dad today has brought to mind a question he loved to ask—tell me what The Great Depression, the big city, Bonnie and Clyde, and a red dress have in common. Now on the surface they … Continue reading

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Birthdays … and Sunshine in January!

Birthdays — I’ve spent so many of these all alone! Not because I wanted to, but because on January 31 the weather in Texas is usually freezing, snowing, sleeting, raining, or way too cold to stick your nose out-of-doors! And … Continue reading

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A “Great Depression” Wedding …

The Great Depression, Marietta, Oklahoma, a big city, and a red dress — what do they have in common? Nothing at all, except it was when and where my mother and dad got married. On August 26, 1932, eighty-three years … Continue reading

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