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Parakeets, Perils, Pitfalls, and Perversity of a Writer

      Writers love words. The perils and pitfalls of a writer is they love to read the dictionary. An entire day can slip by when we start searching for the perfect word to describe a situation we see … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Love and Eternity …

  Every so often in this life I have a glimpse of that special thing we call love … Every so often in this life I am blessed with a glimpse of what I call eternity … This happened to … Continue reading

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Just sayin’ …Where in the world did it all go?

    Many of us who’ve watched the political scene in America for decades are wondering what happened to honesty and integrity. We can remember when a man’s word was his bond. We remember when truth was significant. We remember … Continue reading

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Me versus Computers and Keurigs … and the perils thereof!

    It all started when the screen on my computer went black. Now, you must understand—I don’t have a clue what to do. I came into this tech world in the seventh decade of my life! However, the black … Continue reading

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Birthdays … and Sunshine in January!

Birthdays — I’ve spent so many of these all alone! Not because I wanted to, but because on January 31 the weather in Texas is usually freezing, snowing, sleeting, raining, or way too cold to stick your nose out-of-doors! And … Continue reading

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People Who Need People

People People who need people Are the luckiest people in the world We’re children, needing other children And yet letting a grown up pride Hide all the need inside Acting more like children than children. Do you remember this song? … Continue reading

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Changes … Chapter 7 in the Seasons of Life

  I don’t much like changes… How about you? This year I moved from my home of almost fifty years, the place where my daughters grew up and where I lived for most of my life. Sifting thru the things … Continue reading

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Everything Comes to an End … or does it?

Universal Truth is that no matter what we do or don’t do everything comes to an end, a good bottle of wine, cool weather in Texas, icy streets, the simplicity of childhood, the innocence of America, good times, bad times, … Continue reading

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