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Sheltering in Place–Another Tunnel to Go Through

        When I first heard the words “sheltering in place,” that everyone would have to stay at home and not gather with family or friends for several weeks, I instantly thought “Oh no, not another tunnel.” Then … Continue reading

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Life is a Collection of Moments…Halloween Fun in 1923

Life is just a collection of moments,         Some tell us who we are,                  Others what might have been…   During the past weeks of rainy weather, I looked through some of my mother’s keepsakes, and I found a … Continue reading

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Someone to Watch Over Me …

I posted this years ago but dad is on my mind so strongly today …      and I’m reminded again of the old song,           “Someone to Watch over Me.” Dad was the one who made me feel safe, protected, … Continue reading

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Today’s Our Day…Memories, we all have them

The doorbell rang early the morning of January 7, 1956. Mother came running to my room and woke me up saying, “You need to go to the front door.” Half asleep, I wrapped a robe around me and stumbled to … Continue reading

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Every Christmas has a Story … This one is for my daughter

‘Twas the Night before Christmas When all through the house, Family was gathered, gifts under the tree, Dinner was ready, how delicious it smells, When what to our wandering minds should occur, But the birth of a child, She was … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Love and Eternity …

  Every so often in this life I have a glimpse of that special thing we call love … Every so often in this life I am blessed with a glimpse of what I call eternity … This happened to … Continue reading

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Light at the End of the Tunnel … Then and Now

      I woke up early thinking about tunnels and how there is always light at the end of a tunnel, evidently I had been dreaming about them. This picture was in my mind and I knew it was … Continue reading

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Love and Marriage … Remembering January 22, 1982

        Ray and I would have been married 35 years today and I’m remembering a wonderful man. Ray  came on the scene in the midst of my grief at the loss of my first husband and during … Continue reading

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Christmas Wishes … What is it you really, really want for Christmas?

  Maybe a day with family, maybe to go back 10, 20, 30 or 40 years and enjoy a treasured day … Maybe to spend Christmas Eve with a loved one who has left this earthly abode for a new … Continue reading

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Just sayin’ …Where in the world did it all go?

    Many of us who’ve watched the political scene in America for decades are wondering what happened to honesty and integrity. We can remember when a man’s word was his bond. We remember when truth was significant. We remember … Continue reading

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