Merry Christmas!

Many years have passed since Jesus was born…
And the clock keeps ticking…

Once upon a time Jesus was a little child and walked on this earth just like you and me. He learned to crawl, sit up, stand, and talk. He had a mom and dad who loved and took care of Him. The mystery is that He is God in a human body, and He experienced everything you and I do.

Tick tock, tick tockHe grew up and when He was a young man, He spoke in the Synagogue. Everybody was astonished at His knowledge. And they didn’t know who He was.

As a young man, He walked around the country choosing disciples. He spoke on a mountain top to 5,000 people. He fed the crowd with two fishes and 5 loaves of bread. Everyone ate and were satisfied. And they didn’t know who He was.

Tick tock, tick tock…He was tried and condemned to death on a cross. He was buried in a cave with a huge boulder in front of it, yet three days later when Mary and the other women came to the grave, the stone was rolled away. He was gone, the grave clothes He was wrapped in were still there folded neatly. And they didn’t know who He was.

Tick tock, tick tock…Centuries have passed. The Bible was written to help us know this man, who was fully man and fully God. This little child, who is God in a human body, understands everything that happens to you and me. In our times of weakness, Jesus meets us with His strength and love. After all, He died so we could be with Him for eternity. Jesus says, I’ve got you. I understand.

Christmas is the time to remember the most incredible
gift ever given, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


About Betty Kerss Groezinger

Betty Kerss Groezinger, a native Texan, was born in Dallas. She was a legal researcher for President Harry S. Truman in Independence, Missouri, taught business courses at Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Missouri, and on her return to Dallas, she worked for more than a decade with advertising agencies. She has been a resident of Irving, Texas, since 1965, and is now working on the sequel to The Davenport Dilemma.
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2 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. leska valerius says:

    Greatest message: beautifully written! We miss you and pray for you! Love, Leska


  2. Linda Thompson says:

    Thanks for sharing, Betty. Merry Christmas to you!


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