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Merry Christmas!

Many years have passed since Jesus was born…And the clock keeps ticking… Once upon a time Jesus was a little child and walked on this earth just like you and me. He learned to crawl, sit up, stand, and talk. … Continue reading

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The Cinderella Syndrome…and they lived happily ever after

    “Find a need and Fill it” is an old saying in the advertising business. That’s what the Hallmark channel did a few years ago when it launched their formula happily ever after movies. They scattered a few here … Continue reading

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So who’s Calling the Shots…?

    Do you ever turn on the news or read a newspaper or article and wonder who is calling the shots? I remember a time when I heard or read the news and I didn’t feel sad or mad … Continue reading

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Bears or Mine Fields, There’s Always Light at the End of the Tunnel

      This past Easter I wrote a story about Light at the End of the Tunnel and remembered some of the tunnels I have been through in past years. I was far from thinking I might be encountering … Continue reading

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Christmas Wishes … What is it you really, really want for Christmas?

  Maybe a day with family, maybe to go back 10, 20, 30 or 40 years and enjoy a treasured day … Maybe to spend Christmas Eve with a loved one who has left this earthly abode for a new … Continue reading

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In the blink of an eye … everything can change forever

        In light of what is happening in our country today, my mind has run rampant again, you know this nit-picky mind of mine, and I need to remember a gentler time in America. I remember when … Continue reading

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Just sayin’ …Where in the world did it all go?

    Many of us who’ve watched the political scene in America for decades are wondering what happened to honesty and integrity. We can remember when a man’s word was his bond. We remember when truth was significant. We remember … Continue reading

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