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Josh Davenport is a former Army G-2 intelligence officer sent deep undercover to infiltrate The Brotherhood, a terrorist group whose goal is a New World Order under their sole control. Davenport is the only one standing between them and the political takeover of America. However, his cover is blown, and The Brotherhood orders his termination.

Six years after the death of her husband, Jennie Davenport has finally rebuilt her life. Following a bizarre vision, she begins to suspect her husband is actually still alive. She swears she spoke to him, but was Josh real or a figment of her desperate imagination?

Determined to find out if Josh is dead or alive, Jennie unknowingly jumps into the line of fire where every word she speaks is listened to and every move she makes is watched. The quest for the truth takes her from Dallas to New Orleans, Chicago, London, and even further, plunging her into the dark clutches of this odious group. The vision of her dead husband soon turns into a nightmare as Jennie becomes the Brotherhood’s next target.


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Groezinger, Betty Kerss
AbbottPress (278 pp.)
ISBN: 978-1458207340; January 29, 2013



~ Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC, 6411 Burleson Rd., Austin, TX 78744


A brisk political thriller from a first-time author who mixes international espionage with escalating domestic paranoia. Jennie Davenport Scott’s pleasantly boring middle-aged and middle-class life in suburban Dallas collapses following her sudden, unexpected contact with her beloved former husband, Josh Davenport. Trouble is, Josh, an adman and professor, died of an aneurism half a dozen years ago, and Jennie has recently remarried after a suitable period of mourning. But was it just a dream? And is Josh alive or is Jennie suffering from PTSD—or worse? Enlisting the help of her two grown daughters and current (creepy, possibly bigamous) husband, Nathan, plus a friendly cop and a couple of Josh’s former buddies, Jennie begins her search for the truth—blithely raising red flags in high places from Washington, D.C., to the secret European headquarters of the Illuminati and their villainous Bilderberg-ish puppet masters, the Brotherhood.

Josh’s brief Cold War–era career in the shadowy G-2, a U.S. Army covert ops division, comes back to haunt everyone involved as almost all traces of his life and death—his military records and death certificate, even his gravestone—disappear. It’s The Osterman Weekend but with the sexy 1970s subtext sublimated into full-blown 1980s shopping orgies at Harrods and such, with some mildly Hitchcockian red herrings tossed hither and yon. Much like that of the initially clueless heroines in Reginald Hill’s brilliant novels Death of a Dormouse and The Spy’s Wife, Jennie’s growing self-awareness and determination to find the truth is mostly believable and ultimately gratifying—despite a too-easy setup for the inevitable sequel (which will, one hopes, prove to be as well written and entertaining as the author’s debut).


~ Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, November, 2014

The Davenport Dilemma by Betty Kerss Groezinger is a fast-paced story full of intrigue with a touch of mysticism that is unique, realistic, and enjoyable.  The front cover is well done. The subdued orange and grays are haunting and appropriate. I like the ghostly figure that isn’t too obvious. Very nice and creative artwork. I also like the tag line on the front cover, as it is sure to encourage readers to take a closer look. The back cover copy is also well done. I like the author photo, even though the lamp is a bit too prominent and overshadows the author herself. I admit to having a special affinity for her background. My husband’s grandfather personally knew Harry Truman and even visited him at his home. I love the mystical element of the story. Reading that the element is based on truth in the author’s life gave me chills! I also love that the author writes from a Christian world view. On a purely craft level, the author has talent and I think she could really make a great career for herself if she chose. Her story is paced well and is interesting and entertaining to read. It also feels authentic. Kudos to and God bless Betty Kerss Groezinger!


 ~ Judy Gafford, review March 18, 2013

5 stars, Keeping me on the edge.
I really enjoyed the intrigue and surprises along the way. Fast read and kept me interested and reading kept me up even way past my bedtime. I can not wait for the sequel and the turn of events awaiting all the characters. GREAT first novel.


What’s Coming!

desk Just want everyone to know that I am really working on the next book, The Davenport Daughters!

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