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The Cinderella Syndrome…and they lived happily ever after

    “Find a need and Fill it” is an old saying in the advertising business. That’s what the Hallmark channel did a few years ago when it launched their formula happily ever after movies. They scattered a few here … Continue reading

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Candlelight and Hot Milk … a different kind of Christmas.

    Christmas—it’s all around us at this time of the year. We see it in the faces of little children, the music we hear, the movies we see, and in the hustle and bustle in the shopping centers of … Continue reading

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Everything Comes to an End … or does it?

Universal Truth is that no matter what we do or don’t do everything comes to an end, a good bottle of wine, cool weather in Texas, icy streets, the simplicity of childhood, the innocence of America, good times, bad times, … Continue reading

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